Your SysOp, Gargoyle, welcomes you to
DarkAges BBS

DarkAges BBS was founded in 1992 with multi-node dial-up Bulletin Board System (BBS) running Renegade and were the first in central Oklahoma to offer Internet Email and low cost FIDO mail. The SysOP Gargoyle also used Pascal to make Renegade Utilities. Many of those wound up on those great shareware CD's we used to buy.

In 1995 we established a web presence and our first customers were BBS's that wanted an internet presence. In 1998 we opened our doors to all. Since then we have grown to what we are today.

Out of nostalgia and to try and save some of the history of BBS'ing we have re-launched DarkAges BBS. Running on a virtual server and offering telnet and web connections we hope to do just that!